Quaak (1992)

Quaak (1992)

“Quaak” is a simple Frogger clone for Windows from the year 1992. I got it from my father on a 3.5″ floppy disk when I was 6 or 7. I played it on my father’s workstation (at his job) and also at home on his 486 laptop running Windows 3.1.

The game has pretty cheap graphics. Still it was a lot of fun to play, especially at that age.

Getting It Back In 2016

Today, Quaak is really hard to find on the Internet. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the files anymore. There is some information about it but I couldn’t find any download link. After I searched various abandonware sites without any luck, I tried to buy it via Amazon from a third-party seller—but all they send me was the user guide. No floppy disk! Even though it said so in the product description. Of course it easy to get a refund—and I didn’t even needed to return the manual. But still no QUAAK.EXE for me.

Finally, I found it on a Swiss auction platform called anibis.ch. The seller was very nice and sold me the game for around €12. Great success!

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